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      1. Fangge medical company set up 2008,which is a professional enterprise to take on the tasks of research,production,marketing and service. We have the whole automatic production line and prefect management. We specialize in series ABS medical trolley,stainless medical trolley, medical ambry and shelves and so on more than two hundred kinds.

        We are established in the domestic and overseas market basis on high quality,high credit,excellent service.And got good praise and support from all our clients.Our products export to some occident and southeast

        Asia.In the future,Fangge will claim the responsibility for the users and social,and make our own contribution for the cause of human health.

        Fangge medical would lead global nurse cart innovation, to provide innovatory product and sweet services. details: nurse cart, hospital nurse cart, multifunction nurse cart


        Shandong fangge medical equipment Co.,Ltd

        Address: economic development zone,liaocheng,shandong,china

        Post code:252000

        Tel: +86-635-2928088 2928001 2928002


        E-mail: sdfangge@163.com



        Home Page: http://www.bygeqwpk.com

        Copyright(C)2016-2019 Shandong fangge medical equipment Co.,Ltd    power by:Impression of Liaocheng
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